‘An Unexpected Blessing’


bless 3

A few days ago we set off on a long trip to visit my brother who has been ill for the past almost 4 months – and only just recently felt well enough for visitors.

Knowing that a prolonged visit would prove too much we had booked in for an overnight stay at a B&B nearby – allowing us to visit for a short while both on our arrival and before our return journey – our finances would only stretch to the one night stay.

We set off early and were only about 30 mins into our journey time bless 4– when we received a phone call from some friends to say that they wanted to pay for us to stay on for a further night – allowing us more time for our visits – plus time to relax between the long journeys.

They were relatively new friends of ours – who had simply felt that they wanted to bless us in this way – and – what a blessing it was.

I sit here and ponder – and am aware of others who – over the years – have blessed us in a variety of ways – and – one thing that amazes me is that each time that blessing – whatever form it has taken – has come at a very significant time – a time that enabled us to see the goodness – kindness – and generosity of God – through the lives of others.

Such acts of kindness – blessings given to others – reflect the very nature of God – allowing both the ‘giver’ and the ‘receiver’ to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

I’m so thankful – both to have been both the ‘giver’ and ‘receiver’ – of blessings – to know that the God I love and serve longs to show Himself through ordinary people.

bless 5

I’m also grateful for the reminder that all this is a part of something far greater than I can imagine – and conscious too of the need to keep my heart and ears open – to allow Him to use me in some way – tobless 6 bless others – allow myself to be prompted by Him – and in so doing display the kindness – love – and generosity – that He has allowed me to receive.



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  1. What a lovely act of kindness, I hope you had a good visit.


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