‘Look Up’


I’ve come to love and appreciate the skies far more since moving to live in the open countryside – where the vastness of the area seems to emphasise the vastness of the sky.

I never tire of watching the clouds – the different formations – stirring a faint memory of myself standing outside in the school playground as my teacher tried to teach us the different names of these formations.

I do remember a few of them

sky 1sky 2sky 4

Cumulus                                     Stratus                                                 Cirrus

Sadly my memory was not that good – but it did create that interest in actually ‘seeing’ those different formations!

Each morning it’s as though an artist has painted a different picture – sometimes almost black and white – other times varying shades of colour – changing as the day moves on – sky 7sunrises – sunsets –sky 8





– and of curse – the amazing night skies full of wonder – stars more than we could count – such splendour!sky 6

We miss so much if we don’t look up – the awesomeness – the beauty – colour – rainbows – like an art gallery.

In fact sometimes I marvel at the shades – the colours – and – if I didn’t see it as a reality – but just as a painting or photograph – would have difficulty believing it was real.

So many things compete for our attention – for our eyes to see – we can get so occupied by looking around us – that we forget to look up.

How true where God is concerned too. We are so busy seeing other things – good things – necessary things – but – can so easily miss out by not ‘looking up’ at Him – not seeing Him – displaying His character – showing us so many different pictures of Himself – revealing Himself to us in all His splendour – each day – from morning until evening.sky 9

sky 10

Let’s not miss out – both in the natural and in the spiritual – but – let’s lift up our eyes – look up – and be blessed




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