‘One Day At A Time’

day 3

A dear friend is ill and undergoing treatment – it’s a difficult and worrying time for them all – not being sure how he will respond to the medication – suffering after effects – having dosages changed. It’s hard not to worry – to think about the future – what happens if he can’t tolerate the medication – so many things that can be very overwhelmingly  – yet they are seeking to simply ‘take one day at a time’ – to make the most of the good days – to concentrate on the difficulties of that one day – to trust God for the days to come.

I’m reminded of a song my husband used to sing many years ago –

day 4

It is hard though – and – alone – is almost impossible – that’s why it’s so important to come before Him each day – to commit our day to Him – allow Him to lead us – to strengthen us – to comfort us – one day at a time.

Today is what matters – today is important – today is probably all we can manage to think about without worrying about our tomorrows – or even – regretting our past.day 2

You may be going through a tough time – worrying and stressing about the future – even about tomorrow – take a breath – commit that moment to Him – give your day to Him. He will supply all you need for today – then – you can trust Him tomorrow to supply all you need for that day.

day 1



        ‘ONE DAY AT A TIME’

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