‘Safe Boundaries’


The cattle are back in our paddock – just 8 of them – three of which are young calves. I just love to see them – meandering about all day – sitting and chewing the cud – sometimes almost stampeding for no apparent reason. They add something to the wonderful countryside view – an element that gives colour – life – and yet – I have to admit that I am so thankful that they have boundaries in which to roam – boundaries that separate them from me!boundaries

I have what is probably an irrational fear of cattle – when out for a walk I cannot bring myself to walk through a field full of livestock. This may in part be due to a memory of an incident that happened many years ago. We were walking across a field where cows grazed in the distance  – we were suddenly seen – and those cows approached us with a growing urgency and quicker gait! I was so scared and immensely grateful when we managed to get to the stile –  over that boundary – before they caught up with us.

So – the boundary that keeps my neighboring cows in is of great importance to me – I feel safe – and able to enjoy them without fear.

How much simpler life would be – if anything that might cause us harm was enclosed within a boundary – making it so that we were protected – seeing the danger – yet knowing that we were safe from it.

boundaries 2

Life doesn’t work like that – boundaries only exist – if we erect them ourselves – how important it is that we do so!

We need boundaries – to enable us to live lives that are free from danger – boundaries that protect us.

God gives us those boundaries – He sets them out for us – yet – He gives us the freedom to erect them ourselves. He gives us the tools – shows us where the boundaries need putting up – yet He Himself doesn’t ‘hem us in’ – He doesn’t force us to live in an enclosure – rather – He encourages us to put up those boundaries to protect us from danger.

boundaries 1

He is a loving God – and much as we as parents help our children to erect boundaries for themselves to live by – to protect them – to keep them from the dangers of life – so He does for us.

I am so grateful – appreciate His provision for me so much in this area – and will continue to keep those boundaries intact – in order to live a life that pleases Him.

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