‘A Blessing’

As I sit in the quiet of the morning I’m conscious that so often  as I speak with God – I am full of requests that I bring to Him. I’m always ready to ask for His help – His guidance – His blessing – and I was reminded of a poem I wrote many years ago – that sought to address just that very thought – so I share that with you today – and pray that it will be a reminder to us all – to come to God more often with an attitude of seeking to bless Him – rather than simply asking Him – to bless us.


blessing 2

I come to you today Lord – not to ask a blessing – but to give one

Not to ask You to meet some need of mine – but to seek to know – what I can do for You

I do not wish to make demands – as so often I do

But rather reverse the roles – we so often play

For on life’s stage – You are more often the giver – and I the receiver

Today I want to change that – change the character – I so often play

I want to be the one who gives – the one that blesses – loves You serves You

Set myself aside – for Your pleasure – show You how much You mean to me

Fill my day with praises – bring my offerings

That I might please You – bless You – and satisfy You.

blessing 1

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