Our youngest son has travelled to Canada this week for a holiday and has set up ‘instant messaging’comm 4 – he let us know when they had arrived – will send daily updates as to where they are and what they are doing – and of course – send photos – wonderful technology that is used every day.


A far cry from when I was growing up – when not many homes had a telephone – there was that ‘red box’ at the corner of the street.comm 2 Contact with others was slow – more difficult – especially if you were miles away.

We all love to keep in touch and most will check their social media first thing when they wake up and constantly through the day – sending and receiving messages.comm 1


Texting seems to have taken over even a phone call – and – I love the simplicity of it – the ease – the convenience – to be able to keep in touch – to ‘talk’ – to keep up with each other – it’s all good.

Yet – for me – I’d far rather hear the sound of a voice – that familiar tone – hear the emotions – instead of just seeing some emoji picture.comm 3

It blesses me to ‘speak’ to family and friends – even better though are the times when such forms of communication are not needed – when we can spend time face to face – actually speak together – spend time together comm 5– really communicate. It means so much more – goes deeper – is much more enjoyable and meaningful.

As my thoughts wandered on this whole area of communication I sensed that many of us get to the place in our relationship with God – where we settle for a quick ‘text’. It’s not that we ignore Him – or don’t acknowledge Him in our lives – but – what is our communication with Him really like.

Do we simply ‘keep up’ with Him – keep Him ‘in the loop’ – maybe even go as far as ‘calling’ Him now and then – speaking with Him – but – how many times do we meet up with Him – talk face to face – spend time together – develop that relationship to a deeper level.

comm 6

He longs for our company – wants to see us – and – He’s always available – all we need to do is to make the time – the space – in our busy lives to truly communicate with Him


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