‘My Guide’

guide 5

We went for a walk the other day and studied the map positioned at the beginning of the walk – showing the various trails – and set off to follow one. guide 11Imagine our frustration when after walking only a short way we came to a division of paths – with no indication as to which way to go – choosing one which seemed to go in the right direction we soon came to a dead end – and had to retrace our steps!

guide 1

Although at the beginning of the walk various colour codes had been applied to the different paths you could take – there were no markers along the way to indicate which path we were on.

I like to be able to choose which walk I want to take – to decide if I simply want a short stroll – or challenge myself to something more difficult. I especially love to follow those wayside colour coded trails that are accompanied with a map too.

guide 4

I like to know where I am on my journey at any particular time – how far I have to go – where the going is easy and where it might be more of a challenge.guide 7



I like to be able to prepare – to know what sort of terrain I’m facing – where can I rest along the way – will there be somewhere to refresh myself. guide 8



I like to know!


How much easier life would be if I could choose which path to take – if I knew how long each stage of the journey would take me – where it would take me. If I could be totally prepared – confident – knowing where I was at any given time. If I knew when to look out for danger – be prepared for those difficult patches.

I don’t know those things – but – one thing I do have is a Guide – One Who walks before me – beside me – and behind me. One Who knows exactly where I am on my journey – Who encourages me when I’m tired – picks me up when I fall – feeds me when I’m hungry – holds my hand on the difficult paths.

guide 9

I place my trust in Him – for – He knows the way that I take – nothing will take Him by surprise – He will prepare the way for me wherever I am and whatever I face.

I don’t fear my journey – can walk this life’s path without knowing just where I am – have learnt to simply follow Him – allow Him to lead the way – always eager to see what’s round the corner – without fear – for I know He is with me – ‘whatever’

guide 10

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  1. Great analogy to life Lois, indeed it would be useful if we could know all the twists and turns, but then it wouldn’t be as much fun!


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