‘The Touch of the Master’s Hand’

touch 3

For some reason this morning I was reminded of a poem I learnt many years ago –  and one I have never forgotten – it was called – ‘The Touch Of The Master’s Hand’


touch 1


For me this poem holds such a profound truth – the difference that the touch of God can make on a life – no matter how battered – how scarred – how worthless that life might seem – the Master knows different – He sees it’s worth – takes hold of it – transforms it.

To know that touch – to feel those hands – holding me – playing His tune on my life – is so special – so precious.

I’m made ‘priceless’ by His touch – in spite of the dust I may have gathered – the scars from the battering I may have taken on life’s journey – my seeming ‘worthlessness’ – He reaches out – gentle takes hold – and changes everything.

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  1. What a beautiful poem Lois, thanks for sharing it.


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