This morning I caught up with the online video and report of a nephew of mine as he did a pilgrimage from Southwark to Canterbury this past week.

pil 2

He walked 100 miles in three days – quite an achievement – and raised money to enable families to go on a holiday.pil 3pil 4








As he walked he spoke of it as being a spiritual journey for himself – that was filled with spiritual encounters – referring to the journey as a ‘journey of meeting’ and how important he had found it to ‘open his eyes’ and to ‘pay attention to the journey’

How apt I find that – to the way I walk my ‘pilgrimage’ on this earth – for my life should surely be viewed in such a way – as a ‘journey’.

I want my ‘pilgrimage’ here to be a ‘journey of meeting’ – to walk with my eyes open – to see – really see – the people that I meet on the way. I want my encounters to be ‘spiritual encounters’ – both for myself – and for those that I encounter.

pil 6

A pilgrimage holds a special significance for those who embark upon it. It’s not simply a ‘journey’ – not something that is undertaken with no thought behind it – no purpose to it – but a ‘purposeful journey’

That’s how I want my walk to be each day – to have significance – meaning – purpose. To walk with the expectation of ‘spiritual encounters’ – to pay attention to all around me – to see God in everything – and everybody.

pil 7

My ‘pilgrimage’ through life should make me stronger – challenge me – encourage me – motivate me to take the time to see – listen and understand those that pass by – to share with them the love of the One Who walked His own ‘pilgrimage’ here on this earth – simply so that He might ‘encounter’ me – challenge me – change me – love me.

pil 1

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