‘Unfulfilled Expectations’

While on holiday we booked on a ‘Dolphin Watching Boat Trip’ – and – although our expectations were somewhat low – owing to the sea mist that hung over the harbour for most of the day – we did hold out hope!


Our guide assured us that the dolphins were there – they were always in the area – and – they had solar equipment on board to help them to locate where the dolphin activity was.

However – after the allotted hour and a half we returned to the harbour – not having seen even a distant sighting of these beautiful creatures.

Our guides however did all they could to make the trip as eventful as possible for everyone. We visited lobster pots – which were pulled up and a lobster lifted out – for us to hold – if we so wished! He also gave us lots of information regarding the life of lobsters – and – in such a way that he even held the attention of the children on board.P1160119P1160117

Sailing close inland near to the rocks we were able to view the many sea birds nesting there – and through the mist – even saw a couple of seals.P1160139P1160132






Opportunity was given to steer the boat – and the children on board were so excited to be able to do that.

So – maybe we didn’t see the dolphins – our expectations in that area were not met – but – for me that trip was not wasted.

It showed me that what mattered was our attitude to the disappointment  and  unfulfilled expectations – where the dolphins were concerned.

As we had waited to board our boat another group had returned from their trip – faces long – comments very negative – their disappointment there for all to see.

However – when our trip ended – there was chatter about what we had seen and done – in spite of what we hadn’t seen and done.

I’m sure a lot of that was down to our guides –  who certainly did their best and were successful in giving satisfaction to the group.

A good lesson I felt – on how we tackle unfulfilled expectations.


They will come in life – often. Let’s choose to make the best of it – to enjoy what we can – to see the positives – and like our guides – let us do all we can to help and encourage others to have a positive experience through our influence in their lives.



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