‘Tune In’

Some days I can sit in the quiet and hear – listen to – the bird songs around me as the day begins.

Other days – it’s not so quiet – there’s ‘background noise’- distractions – and I find I need to deliberately ‘tune in’ – to hear the sounds that I want to hear – and to ‘tune out’ the interference.

tuning in 2

It reminds me of the old radios that we had – where that ‘tuning knob’ was so difficult to position in just the right place. We’d sit and ‘tune in’ – desperately trying to shut out all the static – so that we could hear clearly the programme – or the music – we were listening to.

Sometimes I have to confess I just gave up – it was too much bother – took too long – got me frustrated – so – I missed out on what I really wanted to hear.



tune in 7

How ofen am I like that where God is concerned. I so want to –  hear Him – but there’s so much ‘static’ around – so many other noises – that are not easy to shut out.

I have to make a conscious choice – to ‘tune my spirit’ – my ‘inner ear’ – to hear Him – to hear that whisper in my soul.


There are times when I give up – the static is just too much – I ‘turn that knob’ and catch a ‘moment’ – then – it’s gone.

I need to be willing to stay with it – to persevere – to work at that ‘tuning’ of my ears.

tune in 5

The connection is there – there’s always a channel open for me to hear Him – all I need to do is to ‘tune in’ – and – how wonderful it is when the channel becomes clear – when the noise and distractions around are tuned out – and – I sense a real connection – His words speaking to me – encouraging me – equipping me – so that I might bring glory to Him – in my every day life


I hope you – like me – will learn to persevere – to tune out the static in our lives – and hear His voice.


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