‘Pushing the Boundaries’

I love walking and over the years have had many enjoyable hours – walking in different parts of our beautiful country.

I’ve walked alone – with my husband – with family – and different groups of friends.

In later life however – walks have got shorter – easier – and I have to confess that I’ve been reluctant to even think about tackling anything that would be too much of a challenge.

I guess I set myself ‘boundaries’ – but while on holiday visiting a part of the coastline that we had not explored before – we decided to ‘push those boundaries’ – and to go on a coastal path walk from the small town where we were staying.


It was a total of eight miles – a big enough challenge we knew before we started as it was much further than we had walked for some years. Not only was it a longer distance but the terrain was often uneven – with many a gulley to climb up and down.


Our feet began to ache – our knees felt as though they were about to give way – in fact if I’m honest – I did begin to wonder at one point if I’d make it to the end – yet – really had no choice!

The views were truly spectacular – the scenery changing at each turn – so much to see and delight in.

We definitely ‘pushed the boundaries’ that day. We decided to go beyond the limitations we had set for ourselves – and – the rewards were great!

P1160169 P1160172













Yes – we were tired at the end of it – our bodies ached – yet – there were no regrets.

It made me realise that we can sometimes ‘miss out’ because of the limitations and boundaries that we set ourselves.P1160192







I’m always impressed by many people who have physical difficulties and the way they overcome them – the way they show great determination and push the boundaries to achieve so much more that would seem possible.

I want to live out the rest of my life being brave enough to push the boundaries – not just physically – but in all areas.

Beginning this Blog was a challenge for me – daring to go beyond boundaries I had set up for myself – to dare to share my writing with others.

I want to push beyond the boundaries that stop me from being all that I am – all that God has made me to be – be brave enough to open myself up for all that He has for me to do – and push on – achieving more each day.




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  1. Well done for pushing those boundaries Lois, 8 miles is certainly a challenge but I’m glad it was worth it.

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    1. loisastwood says:

      It certainly was worth it. Thanks Andrea

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