‘A Blank Canvas’


Arriving at our holiday destination last week I was thrilled at finding – in the apartment where we were staying – a large folding back window. There was a splendid view of the lovely harbour – and – I could already visualise myself sitting there early in the mornings. Although this coastal town was busy and – when we arrived – almost bursting with people – I knew that I would be able to enjoy the peace and quiet in the early mornings – before everyone started getting out and about for the day.

So – here I was – on that first morning – so eager to enjoy a quiet hour. I opened the curtains – and – imagine my disappointment – when I realised that I could hardly see a thing! – a grey mist covered it all – and all I was left with was – a blank canvas.


Only a short time later – after showering – I returned to the window – where – to my utmost delight – a perfect picture had appeared.

It was as though an artist had been – used that blank canvas – and filled it with form and colour.


I like to think that’s what God does with my life – whenever I present Him with a blank canvas. He paints His picture – fills the ‘greys’ of my life with His magnificent colour – gives my life ‘shape’ – creates a beautiful picture where there was once nothing. Brings His life – His beauty – His grace – in fact – brings the very essence of His being – to my life.

blank 3

It excites me to see that – to see Him make changes – to watch Him change me. All I need to do is to present that blank canvas to Him – allow Him to be the artist – to paint the picture that He sees.

I pray that you may be inspired to bring your own ‘blank canvas’ to Him – and that you will be amazed and blessed to see what He will paint on your life.

I also pray that God will use me – and use you – to bring colour – His hope – His love – His grace – His beauty – to the lives of others.


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  1. I enjoyed the transformation in your post Lois, from blank canvas to colour.

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