‘Life Goes On’


life 1

Yellow patches among the green fields litter the landscape before me – signs of the cycle of life – the seed time – and later – the harvest – life goes on

Heavy consistent rain has plagued much of our countryside – many farmers left struggling with water logged fields – crops delayed – damage done – but – life goes on –

life 2

A family member struggles with the death of his father – – a friends husband faces his first course of chemo this week – – life goes on

life 4life 3







Life goes on – is a phrase we often use – we speak that out to those who have gone through a difficult time – and – they are true – life does go on – and we have to move on with it – but – we don’t have to struggle alonelife 6

So often in my life as I’ve weathered the deep sadness of loss – the pain of rejection – physical difficulties and problems – I’ve been so conscious of God walking with me – as – my life goes on


How I would have weathered the storms of life without His love – peace and grace I don’t know.

I’m so thankful that I know Him and that He walks with me all the way – as – my life goes on. May you know His presence with you whatever you are walking through at this moment in time – and as – your life goes on

How thankful I am – that I never walk alone – for You are with me

You’re there by my side – holding my hand all the way – as You promised me

Giving me comfort – enabling me to walk – in Your strength each day

Giving me the courage – to face whatever may come – as – my life goes on 


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  1. balroop2013 says:

    Life goes on…but it becomes beautiful when we share soothing thoughts of love and gratitude with each other, look at the wondrous landscape that changes with seasons and smile. Thank you for the inspirational words Lois.


  2. It does help ‘life to go on’ when you feel you’re not alone with all its tribulations.


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