‘So Much More’

As I look out across the countryside this morning I find myself looking for different aspects that would make a good photograph. That’s because the other day I was out with a photography group – and challenging myself – not just to take photographs – but to learn more about both my camera – and – the art of photography.pics 1

I’m aware that there is so much more to photography than just pointing your camera – or – as it’s become more common these days – pointing your phone/camera!

Growing up there were times when we couldn’t’ get into our bathroom – dad was in there – doing his photography – it had become his ‘darkroom’

I remember the fascination of seeing those films developed – and there is within me a sadness that we no longer process film in that way – we live in an’ instant society’.

pics 2

So – acknowledging where our technology has taken us I had purchased an SLR camera a few years ago – with the express purpose of learning more about the ‘how’ of taking photographs – the apertures – shutter speeds – etc. I began a photography course – but as I learn far easier by ‘doing’ – I found myself simply accumulating knowledge that was soon forgotten.

pics 5

Hence the ‘photography group’ – where we have a very patient – kind – and knowledgeable  ‘teacher’ who has begun to guide me in the simpler arts of photography  – helping me to learn more about how I  can manually use my camera instead of leaving it set on ‘auto’!

There’s so much more – and I’m eager to learn!

My camera set on ‘auto’ takes great pictures – as does the camera on my phone – but I want to know more – go deeper into what makes a good picture – how the light – the shutter speed etc. can work together in order to produce the best outcome.

So much more –

This is so true of much in my life – there’s so often – so much more to learn – yet so often I will opt for the ‘instant’ – the quick and easy – or I think I know it all anyway – when there is so much more to learn.

The same can be said of God – we often think we have it all worked out – that we know all there is to know about Him  – when the truth is that there is always so much more!

pics 7

I want to know more of the character of God each day – to be thrilled and intrigued by how He works – to take the time to learn more about Him – to allow Him to show me more of how He works – and longs to work in more detail – in my life.

It excites me – there’s always – so much more!





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  1. Mrs Amanda Lannon says:

    I “like” all your blogs Lois, but sadly, despite signing in to WordPress, it won’t allow me to “like”. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.


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