‘The Steps of Your Soul’

steps 3In the quiet of the morning I found mind going back to some words I heard on a recording by Jill Briscoe – the words were these – ‘sit on the steps of your soul – and let Him sit with you’. These words resonated with me and I found myself pondering on them again today.

steps 2

In the area where I lived as a child many of the houses were built in long rows – no gardens – just yards at the back – but almost all had a front step. This is where – when they had time – the women would sit. They would watch their children playing in the street – almost no one had a car and so it was a safe place to play. They would love to chat too – so – for many that step was a gateway to companionship and friendship.

steps 4

To invite someone to ‘sit on your step with you’  would send a signal to that person and others that you wanted their company.

I still see people sitting on steps today – maybe for a variety of reasons – but so often they will be sitting with someone else – enjoying their company.

So – what a beautiful picture – to imagine myself sitting there – on the steps of my soul – waiting for – inviting – Jesus to sit with me awhile – to come and share my space – get up close – ask Him to share all that goes on in the deep place within me – a place where no one else goes. Invite Him to see right into my soul – to go – even beyond the steps – further – deeper – into my life.

For some of those women – their companionship was limited to the steps of their homes – but many went further – they allowed others to go beyond the step and enter into their homes – bringing a far deeper connection and a trusting relationship.

I love sitting on the steps of my soul – and allowing Him to sit with me. How special that is – what a wonder and joy to share that closeness. It takes courage sometimes to invite Him further and allow Him to see ‘beyond the steps’ – let Him see what no one else sees – but – it’s worth it and allows me to come back to ‘the steps of my soul’ time and time again – with eagerness and longing – for Him to sit with me.

steps 5

The words of this song sum it up for me

Cause I could just sit with You awhile
You could just hold me
Nothing can touch me
Though I’m wounded
Though I’ve died
If I could just sit with You awhile
I’d need You to hold me
Moment by moment ’till forever passes by


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