I can hardly see through the windows this morning – the rain is pouring down – and the panes of glass are covered with droplets of water cascading down them.

They seem like tears

Tears that flow from so many eyes

Tears that run down so many cheeks

tears 2

Tears that threaten to drown us in our sorrow – our sadness – our despair – our fear

Tears that flow from the depths of our being – as we struggle with all that life throws at us

Tears that are so often hidden from others – tears that we allow to flow when we are alone – as we seek to hide that pain – that hurt – that struggle – from those around us.

tears 3

But – there is One – Who always sees those tears – One – from Whom nothing is hidden – He sees – He knows – He cares – in fact He collects our tears!

What an awesome thought!

He sees every tear and knows just what causes them – the reason for those tears.

All the tears that I shed are collected – kept track of – recorded – they mean something to Him – He understands why they were shed.

tears 6

I believe He sees those ‘unshed tears’ too – those tears that are fiercely held inside of us – as we seek to hide from others – the pain – the sorrow – the hurt.

He looks right into our eyes – our hearts – and sees what is really there – and understands.



We’re promised that one day He will wipe away all tears from our eyes!

No more tears – no more sadness – no more pain!

tears 5


It’s hard to comprehend – hard to imagine – but – that is God’s plan – His heart – and – it’s our hope – our future – no more pain – no more sorrow – no more tears.

It’s a hope like this that helps and strengthens us when the pain causes us to shed those tears. One day – those tears will be wiped away forever!



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