‘God Sees The Heart’

heart 7

Our vision is more often limited by what we see with our eyes. We judge by what we can physically see – but – we only see the eternal.

I recognise that I need to be careful not to judge purely by what I ‘see’ – something that I can do too easily – but rather to ask God to show me more.

heart 9

I need to seek to get to know and understand others.

I was thinking of ‘gatherings’ of people all over the world – seeking to worship God – – how they differ.

I’ve been fortunate to be exposed to many forms of worship – many ways in which people reach out to connect with God. I’ve become more tolerant – more willing to recognise that ‘different ‘ does not mean ‘wrong’.

I’ve sort to ‘see’ with my heart and not just my eyes.

heart 3God responds to the sincerity of our hearts. He sees the longing – the desire – to connect with Him.

He is always ready to meet us halfway.

He responds to our hearts.

We can go through the ‘motions’ of worship and not connect with the heart – our hearts may be far away.

God always sees our hearts and will always respond to us.

Not only do I want to seek God with my heart – but I need to recognise that I can’t see (as God can ) the hearts of others’

I need His help to see beyond the ‘outward’ that I see with my natural eyes – to help me not to judge others too quickly – but to ‘see’ with my heart as He does.

heart 2

I need to allow Him to show me more and more the importance of the heart – both mine and the hearts of others.

heart 8

heart 1



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