‘Walk on Stormy Waters’

Hearing the wind blowing through the trees so often reminds me of the sound of the sea.

It brings memories to me – memories of when we lived by the sea – heard and saw it in it’s many forms.

The sea can be so unpredictable.

storm 1

Gently rolling to the shore – playful waves running over each other

storm 2

Larger waves – crashing – racing – foaming – stormy waves – fast – furious – dangerous.

Life can be unpredictable too.

What is a reasonable assumption is that – at some stage in our lives – we will encounter both the calm – and the stormy – seas.

Our cries to God get more frequent – louder – when the storms hit.

 Like Peter in the boat that day. He called out – and – instead of calming the storm – Jesus encouraged him to walk on it!storm 5

When the storms of life come to us we may not experience God stilling the storm – instead – we may hear Him calling us to walk across those angry waves towards Him.

They may be times too when we – like Peter – suddenly become more aware of the storm – than of Jesus – and we may begin to sink.storm 7

If we begin to sink – He’s there for us – ready to reach out His hand – hold us up – walk us through the storm.

If you’re going through a storm – can I encourage you to fix your eyes on Him – and not the storm.

The storm may still rage – but your soul will find peace and you will know what it is to be upheld by Him.

storm 6


3 Comments Add yours

  1. balroop2013 says:

    Lovely pictures, calming ideas…I have known that faith – of strengthening us! Thanks for sharing Lois.


  2. Margie says:

    What a great reminder that the Peace we have is despite the storm, not instead of the storm. Your writings are very encouraging xxx


  3. This left me sober. I also love this line “there are times we tend to notice the storm more than Jesus himself”.
    As humans, we tend to focus on our problems than on finding the solution. This is a great piece. More grace to continue to write awesomely and share.


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