‘An Open Door’

door 2


As much as possible throughout these winter months my day has begun sitting here in front of an open door.

Yes – it’s been cold at times – challenging even – but the rewards have been great – the feel of the air – often very fresh – best of all the feel of the sun!

door 1

But – as I sit here this morning I’m filled with a sense of longing to go through that open door – to be out in that landscape upon which I feast my eyes each day – to do more than observe – but to be part of it – to be active in it.

The spring has come – winter has gone (well almost!) it’s time – time to experience more – to awake from my ‘winter sleep’ – open up door 4 as I see the flowers and trees bursting forth – and – I’m ready!

door 3

My life has been filled with many ‘open doors’. I’ve sat in front of them through many a ‘winter’ of my life – waiting for the spring – for the right time to arrive – when I can step through them and experience all that lies before me.

My life has also been filled with closed doors – that firstly I have had to open in order to even see through – and – those doors that have remained shut – because I was fearful of the ‘cold’ – of the change that would be created around me – even if I just opened them!

I grew up sitting in front of an open door of faith – seeing – feeling –  the presence of God ‘out there’.

door 7

How glad I am for the day when I decided to walk through that door – to see and experience for myself the life that I saw – to walk upon the paths God opened up for me – to know His presence beside me – to be ‘out there’ with Him – to make my life more than an ‘observation’  from that open door – to get up – and live.


door 5I still experience sitting before ‘open doors’ – watching – waiting – sometimes fearful of the ‘cold’ – the change – the unknown – yet – at the same time eager to get up – to end the waiting – to experience that new opportunity – that new challenge – expose myself to all the ‘elements’ – to simply – walk through that ‘open door’


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