You Knew

As I’ve sat and reflected in the mornings during this extremely important week in the life – death – and resurrection of Jesus – I’ve been once again struck by the realisation that He Knew – He knew all that was to happen to Him – yet – went through with it!

In life we can come up against difficult times – yet – we face them – more often than not – not knowing what will happen.

We sometimes say ‘I wish I had known’ – yet – my guess is that so many of the difficult times in our lives would be harder for us if we had known.

Jesus not only knew all that was to come – but chose to see it through.

His love for you – His love for me – was so great!


You knew Lord – as You sat to eat – and passed the cup – You knew

yk 1

No wonder that You sweat – great drops of blood – no wonder that You cried – You knew


Yet in silence there You stood – accused – beaten – mocked – crowned with thorns – and ridiculed – offering no resistance – yet – You knew

yk 2

And – knowing – walked up Calvary – allowed the nails to tear Your flesh – and – there as You died – You knew

yk 3.jpg

Knew all the time what it would mean – to show Your love for me – to set me free – yet knowing didn’t stop You

What can I say – in the face of all that – but – I know

Know the extent of Your love – and the price You paid

For me – whom – You also Knew

yk 4



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  1. amandalannon says:

    It’s good to remember what He went through. To remember the phenomenal sacrifice, of pain, torture, death. So easy to become complacent and ignore His act, his choice through Love.

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