Sunshine & Rain

sr 2

Being closed in this morning due to the driving rain – it’s hard to believe that yesterday was like a summer’s day!

How wonderful it was to be outside – to potter in the garden – enjoy a drink sitting in the warmth of the sunshine. Somehow – I don’t think I’ll be doing that today.

Yet – how important both are – the sunshine – and – the rain. Both bring life to our world – as do – laughter and tears – they are life to us too.

They allow us to express our emotions sr 7

We’ve all heard the proverb ‘laughter is the best medicine – and there certainly seems to be some truth in that.

sr 4


Laughter is also something we can share around – help lift the spirits of others – bring joy to their hearts.

Share with them those precious moments of joy that we experience – join with them in celebrating their moments of joy too.

And – tears – they too allow us to express our emotions – we’ve probably all been told at some time or another ‘not to bottle it up’ – but to ‘let it all out’.

sr 5Tears can bring release. They can also help others in their times of sadness.

Those times when we cannot find the words – tears are sometimes the best ‘words’ we can offer.

We are exhorted to ‘rejoice with those who sr 6rejoice’ and also to ‘weep with those that weep’

Laughter and tears are very much a part of our lives and the lives of all around us.

We need to recognise the value that both have – to embrace both the laughter and the tears – and to recognise the part they play in our lives.

So – lets laugh more – allow the joy of the richness of life that God surrounds us with – both within and without – spill over to others.

And – let’s not be afraid of those tears – acknowledging the sadness – the pain – be ready and willing to both release them – and share them with others.


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