snow 8b


snow 1



A picture of winter land beauty feeds my eyes this morning – the sun is shining on the pristine whiteness of the snow covered countryside – so inspiring – so enticing – inviting in it’s purity.

snow 4

So different from when I viewed it a couple of days ago – as we fought our way home around blocked roads – stranded cars and lorries – through villages that were almost cut off – blinded many times by complete ‘whiteouts’ – faces pressed against the car windscreen – eyes straining to see even the faintest of tyre tracks to follow.

Nine hours !

snow 8snow 3

Not sadly able to see and appreciate the beauty then – admire the snow laden landscape around us – but – totally focused on getting home!

snow 2b

Brief interludes of semi- closed roads and respite from the snow storm allowed me to stay in contact – thankful for the opportunity that social media gives us today. As message reports were made – messages came back from all over the world – from friends who have remained in contact over so many years.

I was so grateful to be able to stay in touch with family and friends at home. Updating them of our progress enabled us to ‘see’ the end of the journey – our focus remaining strong on getting home – gaining comfort from so many prayers and messages.

snow 6

So many people were stuck that day – so many didn’t make it home – some were involved in accidents – others forced to ‘sit it out’ – some on their own with no one to keep them company.

So – I am so grateful!snow 3b


I’m grateful too that we were able to complete our visits to see so many special people just before we began that journey. The memories of those past hours kept our hearts warm and our spirits high.

I’m so grateful!snow 5b


So grateful for the richness that the love and friendship of so many has brought – and still brings – to our lives.

So grateful for God’s care and love for us too – for keeping us safe and for sustaining us on that journey. There was no ‘easing’ of the conditions – the drive was hard – and frightening at times – but – we were sustained – we were not alone – we made it home!

I am so grateful!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. I love the layout of your blog in particular the titles you choose for your posts. I look forward to being a regular reader!


    1. loisastwood says:

      Thank you. That is so encouraging for me as I am still fairly new to this. I look forward to reading your posts too


  2. balroop2013 says:

    Gratitude is such a beautiful word that encourages us to look within and appreciate the unseen blessings around us. Often we see them when we are stuck in such situations that you have described. Snow looks romantic only from the room of a resort! I am glad you made safely through it. Stay blessed!


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