‘Blind Faith’

The wind was howling round the house this morning – blowing across the open fields – bringing the rain with it.

I opened the French doors gingerly – not being sure of which way the wind was blowing. At first all seemed well and I sat back feeling blessed that I could be sheltered yet still enjoy that freshness on my face – until – I realised that all was not well – the notepad on my knee was getting rather wet! The rain was that very fine rain that is so deceiving – it doesn’t look as if you’ll get as wet as you actually do.

rain 1

Reluctantly closing the doors I began to feel relieved that I wasn’t going to have to go out in it today – and began to reflect on the times when I had been walking in such conditions. When the rain is being driven by the winds it makes it rather difficult to see where you are going – your view is restricted – making it necessary to concentrate on where you are placing your feet – rather than on the scenery around you. The walk becomes harder – your concentration on simply staying on the path – making it to the end – and eventually getting out of the rain.

rain 2

How similar my walk of faith can be- there are times when I find myself walking – almost blinded by the ‘weather’ around me – the ‘storms of life’ that obscure my view make my walk difficult – cause me to have to concentrate simply on where I place my feet. My faith becomes a ‘blind faith’ as I walk one step at a time – hardly able to see where I am going – unable to distinguish much of the path before me.


Yet – I don’t walk alone! God promises never to leave me -He goes before me – He’s beside me – and He’s behind me!rain 5

If I reach out my hand I can touch Him – if I listen I can hear Him call my name –

‘We will weather the storm together’ I hear Him say –

‘Place your hand in Mine – walk one step at a time – and – although you may not see the way – your footsteps will be sure – your feet will stay on the path – and – together – we will see the journey’s end’

rain 4



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  1. I love the wind analogy in your post. I needed to hear this today!


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