sun 2


What struck me this morning was the sheer radiance of the sun – not only in it’s brightness – but also in it’s warmth.

I felt much like I expect a cat feels when it stretches out and purrs in the warmth of the sun!

I felt myself stretch and relax – sigh with delight as I simply took in the long awaited feel of the radiance of the sun.sun 3

It seems as though the winter hasn’t wanted to leave us – has thrown all it has left at us – chilling us – testing us – – but – soon it has to loosen it’s hold – make room for the spring that is well on it’s way.

This morning makes my heart leap at the promise of days to come – days when just the radiance of the sun awakes me – energises me – causes me to lift my head – to allow the heat and brightness to permeate my being.sun 5


I am so often reminded of God’s glory -when I look upon creation – I cannot help but see His glory displayed and I am drawn to Him – I allow myself to stretch and bathe in the warmth of the radiance of His glory – I feel alive – re-energised – as the light of His presence shines on me.sun 9

It’s an amazing thought that His light and radiance shine on me!

I feel His presence – and as Moses said – so I saysun 10

Not only do I need His radiance to shine on me – but I also need to allow that radiance to shine through me.

I want others to see Him – to see His radiance and His glory – to be able to sense His warmth – His love – to bathe in His presence – stretch out and relax in the knowledge that He wants to show us all His glory.

May Your glory fall – the light of Your radiance – flood my very being

Flow right through my life – that Your warmth and radiance – may declare Your love






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