I just love the variety that has come into my life over the years – the places we’ve lived – the people we’ve met – the things we’ve done.

OK – so I appreciate that there are people out there who prefer the ‘predictable’ – the sameness – of staying in one place – with the same circle of people – and – that’s OK.

But – for me – as the saying goes variety 1– ‘Variety is the spice of life’

I hadn’t anticipated so much variety or change – having married a man who ran his own business ( built up by his father ) – it seemed that he would carry on the ‘tradition’ – expand the business and pass it on to his own sons.

I’m so glad that God had other plans for us!

I guess He knew my heart – the desires within me. He knew them possibly long before I did!

It’s interesting how changes began in a small way – looking after 8 children ( plus our own ) in a small ‘family’ children’s home – later moving to a larger house and having a variety of needy people to live with us – to then working for a large Christian charity and going overseas.

Changes – variety – that were not even on our horizons!

 Places and people that have brought such richness to our lives.

variety 6

We knew in our hearts that God had called us to ‘go where He asked us to go’ and ‘do what He asked us to do’ – to learn to listen for His voice and seek to obey that voice and to be ready to move when He asked us to move –  ( 13 moves and a variety of places both here and abroad – so far! )

variety 8


I’ve loved  some of the places we’ve lived – found others difficult – struggled in some situations – delighted in others. Made many friendships – said many ‘goodbyes’ – but – I never regret a moment.

variety 7

I continually thank God – that not only has He brought variety into my life – with people and places – but that He Himself – is a God of variety!

He constantly surprises me! – I think I know Him – when He shows me another aspect of Himself – more of His character – more of His concerns – His desires – His heart.

He’s not a ‘dead’ God -He’s vibrating with life – overflowing with love – joy – compassion – and – always allowing me to walk with Him – in a life full of variety and vitality!

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