Sitting in the quiet of the morning I realised that even in the quietness there are things that can distract me. My mind can wander – or be so full of things that are happening in my life and the lives of others.


hear 4

I find myself ‘caught up’ in ‘life’ – call out to God on behalf of myself and others – ask for His help.

Or – I fill my heart and mind with ‘worship’ – a wonderful thing to do – listening to beautiful songs – seeking to express my love to God.

But – do I listen to Him – or am I too busy talking myself  – filling the silence.

hear 5

How often do I really stop and listen – focus on what He might want to say to me – ask Him what He wants – and take the time to wait and listen.

Is there someone He wants to bless through me today ? – somewhere I need to go ? – something I need to do – make a phone call – send a text – send flowers – encourage someone – take time to ask how someone else is doing – is there someone He wants me to visit ?

hear 3


In your ‘world’ it will look different from in my ‘world’ – we each have our own areas of connection – places we go – people we meet.

God wants to speak to each one of us – in our uniqueness – He wants to reach out to others through us – to love others through us – to guide us to the right people – at the right time.

And  -do I really listen to what He might want to say to me – about ‘me’ – a challenge to my spirit – an encouragement to my soul – wisdom He wants to impart. He loves me- cares about me – wants the best for me – and is the best person to speak directly to me about all areas of my life. I need to listen to Him – knowing that He wants to work in my life for my good and for His glory.

Listening in the silence – waiting – still – empty – letting go of all around

His voice is what I listen for – that whisper to my soul – calling deep within my spirit

Taking time – to quiet the world – giving of myself – completely focused on Him




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