‘Open Heaven’

open 3

The skies are blanketed by clouds this morning – I feel almost a sense of claustrophobia – of being closed in – closed off – I miss the blue sky!

open 4Even a sky full of rain clouds often allows me glimmers of the blue sky as they scurry across – but today – the sky is heavy.

It seems as though a blanket has been thrown over the blue – hiding it from my sight and I want to throw if off – to gaze at the open heavens that I know are beyond.

open 5The ‘open heavens’ give me a totally different perspective. I no longer feel ‘closed in’ or ‘closed off’ – I can see beyond – my soul reaches upwards – it’s as though my whole horizon expands – I feel uplifted – inspired – energised – in a way I struggle to feel when the sky is so heavy and my sight limited.

There are times in life when it’s as though the ‘heavens are closed’ – when all we can see is a blanket of clouds – when all seems grey – and we long to see ‘beyond’.

It can seem as though God has disappeared – we cannot ‘see’ Him – we long for a break in the clouds – to see His light – to sense and feel His touch.

Clouds may hide the ‘open sky’

Faith believes ‘the open sky’ is there!

A few years ago I came across a Christian song artist ( Dallas Holm ) and find so many of his songs speak into our daily experiences.

One of the songs he sings is ‘If all I ever knew’ and the words go like this

Believing in the things you cannot see
Is hard sometimes but it’s the way for me;
‘Cause things I saw began to fall
And slowly fade away;
But things the Lord has shown to me
Are in my heart to stay.

So if all I ever knew is what He told me,
If all I ever saw is what He showed me,
I’d be content to realize He knows me;
And all I’d want to do is live for Him.

Faith is made of things you cannot see,
Things that in my heart I know must be;
To put my faith in things above
Is all that I can do;
In Heaven’s hope and Jesus’ love
The things I know are true.

We’re called to live a life of faith and so many times we have to ‘believe in the things we cannot see’ open 1

We long to see beyond those ‘clouds’ –  we cry to God – to ‘open the heavens’ and He promises to do so.

God is always there – the ‘clouds’ may obstruct our view at certain times in our lives – but we need to hold onto  our faith – and wait for those clouds to part – allowing us to see Him more clearly once again.

He has made a way! – and not just for us in our own personal situations – but for all in our world.

Let’s make the words of this song by Darlene Zschech our prayer today –

We call upon Your name
Ourselves and pray
Move in our hearts
Move in our land
Every nation
Tribe and tongue
Will proclaim Your Kingdom come

Pray, pray
Open the windows of Heaven on us
Today, we pray
Pour out
Your spirit
Your wonders on Earth


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