There are so many things in my life that I am extremely thankful for – in fact as I sit and think about it I am almost overwhelmed by the things that come to mind – there is so much!

I could just write a list here and let you know what all the things are that come to mind – and yet – even if I did that there would still be some I had left out I’m sure.

But – today I am thankful in a particular way.

We’ve had an interesting week – our three generational family of six who live together in this lovely countryside. First we had a few days without our heating and then for the past two and a bit days have had no water!

Quite a challenge!

The heating was back on just before we found we were without water – so – I guess that really was the first thing this week that we were particularly thankful for.

This has all happened during the worst snow we have seen for a  few years and living out in the country we were almost cut off.


However with great effort our son and daughter in law managed to dig their way out ( not forgetting to mention help from my husband!) and get to the nearest town for bottled water and supplies.


The bottled water was used for drinking – teeth cleaning and cooking.

Snow was brought in from outside – put into pans which went into the AGA to melt. That water was used for flushing the toilets – washing ourselves and washing the pots and pans!


Our daughter in law – having been brought up ( by missionary parents ) in Ghana – was very resourceful and soon had a system going. The ‘snow melt’ was used for getting washed – she then rinsed out her ‘undies’ before using the water to flush the loo!

We all soon realised just how much water we use in a day – and also how we take it for granted.

Late morning and the workmen – who had managed to get through the snow to us – had fixed the problem!

A busy day followed!

Toilets flushed and cleaned – pots washed in lots of lovely water – SHOWERS – clothes washed in the washer – and NO ‘snow melt’!

SO – I am THANKFUL! – Truly Thankful.water 1

I am also made mindful of all the people in this world who do not have easy access to water at all.water 2

I am so very blessed to live where I live and enjoy all the benefits that make everyday living so easy.

May I never take anything for granted – but be Thankful everyday


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