Peace in the midst of the storm

We’re experiencing some rather wild wintery weather here at the moment – snow storms raging – blizzards blowing.


Our house in set in the open countryside with nothing to stop us experiences the full scale of this weather – so I sit here this morning watching it all rage around me – but needless to say have my doors firmly closed!

As the wind howls around and the blizzard almost blocks out my windows – I am filled with a sense of peace.peace 1

The words that come to my mind are – ‘peace in the midst of the storm’ – that’s what God promises to give to us


There are many storms in life – times when we feel those harsh winds blow – times when the storm is so bad we cannot see. We can feel overwhelmed –peace 10 feel as though we are being tossed too and fro by the fierce winds.

Those are the times when we need to remind ourselves of the words in Psalm 46

We need to still our souls – remind ourselves Who God is!

Remind ourselves that He is always with us – to help us – give us refuge and gives us the strength that we need – always – whatever storm may be raging.


We’ve recently been through a storm in our lives. Just over a year ago our daughter in law was diagnosed with breast cancer. After seeing both her parents die from this horrible disease you can imagine the impact those words had on her (and the whole family) when the doctor relayed the news. However – God had already prepared both her and our son – they were prepared for a ‘storm’ and so from the start determined to trust that God was with them – in the middle of it all.

I recall a poem from my young days.peace 7

I have always held that close to me throughout my life.

God’s promise is not for our lives to be without the ‘storms’ – but that He will not leave us to weather the storms alone.

He does give us whatever we need – strength – rest – light – grace – help – sympathy – and undying love!

So – may I encourage you today.

Whatever your ‘storm’ – you can know His peace.

The storm may not always cease – but we can know peace while the storm rages!

peace 4







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