The Wonder of the Snowflake

Our heating has been off all this week – trust it to be on possibly the coldest few days this winter! So – as I head for my quiet place this morning complete with hot water bottle, blanket and wheat pads I decide that it might be better not to open the French doors – but –you maybe guessed – I just could not resist – I so love the freshness of the early morning – and with all my ‘comforts’ I was really cosy!

snowflake 2

So – there I sat – and soon the snow flakes were dancing on my knee! Oh the wonder to imagine that each flake that landed there was unique to all the others – it blows my mind!

snowflake 1

I was quickly reminded that I am unique too – different from everyone else.

So are you – fashioned by God – you have your own uniqueness – you are shaped and patterned like no one else.

The wonder doesn’t stop there however – God knows you so well that He has no trouble in recognising you!

That blows my mind too – for as I look at these snowflakes – even knowing they are all different – I have to confess that they all look the same to me

Yet – God knows us – each one. He knows us by name – in fact He knew me – He knew you – before we were born.

snowflake 5

He knows my thoughts from afar – He fashioned me – He made me and declares that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

I will celebrate that wonder today. As the snow falls – I’ll wonder at the uniqueness – not just of the snowflake – but of you and I – and I will worship the One who cares and loves us so much – that He knows us so intimately.

snowflake 6

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