Savour The Moment

The sunrise that I experienced this morning was brief – clouds quickly hid it from my sight – but I was so grateful for that brief moment – of the sight and feel of the sun – the colour – the warmth that was present with me at the beginning of my day.savour 4

I can carry that moment with me – even if the sun doesn’t break through the clouds again all day.

I’m so glad I was here – able to savour that moment – and it made me wonder how much do I savour moments in my life – often fleeting moments like the sunrise today – moments that come and go so swiftly through my days?

Do I savour them – take my time – linger and appreciate those moments to the full?

savour 3

Moments are swiftly gone from our lives. Sometimes we can be so ‘busy’ in the moment – so busy processing what the next moment will bring – that we miss that present moment.

Savouring a moment so often means that we need to pause – take the time – be deliberate in our appreciation – consciously take the time to enjoy and be in that moment.

The story of Mary and Martha ( from the Bible ) comes to mind. When Martha asks Jesus if it doesn’t bother Him that Mary has left her to do all the work – His reply  is that Mary had chosen the better part and it would not be taken from her. The busyness of everyday in which Martha was involved would swiftly pass (to the busyness of another day!) – but sitting at His feet – being totally in His presence – could never be taken away from Mary – it was a moment that she savoured and it would always stay with her.


We all know the busyness of life. We can all recall moments when we have been somewhere – or with someone – and yet not given our whole attention to what was really important.

How often do I come to spend time with God – and yet find my mind wandering – not really pausing long enough to savour that precious time.

To be in your presence to sit at your feet,when your love surrounds me and makes me complete this is my desire, o Lord this is my desire , to rest in your presence not rushing away to cherish each moment here I would stay this is my desire, o Lord this is my desire.

Moments come and go. How many will I treasure as being those moments that I truly savoured – took time to take in.


 I will seek to learn how to be wholly present – in His presence – in this present moment – and how to savour more of those often fleeting moments that occur in my life






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  1. I try to savour many of those small moments – I know that those simple things are the things that matter to me.


  2. I also try to savor moments, the older I get it seems, the more I want to savor.

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