The Seasons

seasons 1

A transformed landscape greets me as I rise today. White blades of grasses – stiff in their frozenness – trees forming their stark silhouettes in the mist of the morning.

There’s a stillness in the air – almost as though nothing wants to stir – awake to the cold of the day – much like most of us on cold winter mornings!

seasons 2

My gaze travels across the open countryside drawn to the orange glow on the horizon. A fireball gradually rises – spreading around it a swathe of warm colour. As if on cue tiny birds cut across my vision – their almost erratic flight a joyous greeting to this new day.

A new day – what will it hold I wonder – for although the day may bring with it certain routines and duties – it also holds out to me many opportunities too. In a sense – today will be what I make of it.

To begin my day drinking in the beauty of nature fuels my inner self. It’s as though my focus is taken away from myself – my horizons widened – my vision clarified to see the important things in life – the true values that surround me .

As I reflect on the scene before me I recognise that the cold and frost displays a harshness too – throughout this winter season.

Winter – possibly the least favourite of the seasons for me – and yet I recognise that it has it’s purpose – a part to play – making way for the next season. It’s harshness and death make way for the life of Spring – and how I love that season!


seasons 3

I can choose how I begin this day – see the cold – or see beyond that to the beauty it creates – and in some ways that very choice can easily influence the whole of my day.

It seems easy to grasp the necessity and place of our natural seasons – we understand how one season follows the other – we wait and plan for one to finish and the other to end. seasons 4

However – the seasons in our lives are not quite as easy to follow or understand. They do not have the same pattern to follow – are not as predictable. We may enter a winter season that seems to go on forever – getting harsher – feeling so cruel – with no guarantee that spring is just round the corner. Or – we may blithely go along enjoying a prolonged summer season – where  cares seem light. We’re happy  – relaxed – almost forgetting that this season in our lives may change – almost without warning.seasons-5.png

One thing I try to remember- is that there is something good about each season. If I look for it I will find it and will surely find even this season will not last forever – so – I will endeavour to embrace whatever season I find myself in – and see it’s beauty – it’s purpose – and live in it to the best of my ability.

seasons 9






4 Comments Add yours

  1. balroop2013 says:

    Lovely pictures Lois! Winter landscape has its own beauty, breathing serenity with its pristine hues…all seasons charm as the one merges into the other, heralding change and inspiring us to accept it. 🙂


  2. Beautiful pictures to match a lovely meditation on the day and the seasons of life.


  3. knsander97 says:

    Gorgeous photos Lois..
    Your blog always makes me smile and I always save the posts to look back again and again.
    Xox Kylie


    1. loisastwood says:

      Thank you Kylie – so pleased you enjoy my blogs and touched that you re-read them sometimes too – blessings Lois


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