“Remember Me”

I celebrated my birthday this week ( 73 yrs old! ) and have felt so blessed because so many people ‘remembered’ me – so this is really a ‘thank you’

People from near and far – those I saw only a few days ago – weeks ago – months ago – and even years ago.


OK – so I know that social media makes it easy. Most days a message will pop up to remind me that it’s someone’s birthday and all I have to do is hit a few keys and a message is sent.

But – for me it lets me know that I am remembered – and that blesses me. It also causes me to remember those who have remembered me! – brings back memories of times shared together – bonds forged – and I am grateful for each one – aware that my life has been made richer because of the people who have been – and still are – a part of my life.

remember 2

So – thank you – everyone who ‘remembered me’ and let me know that.

We all like to think we are ‘remembered’ – and also I guess – those of us that are getting older like to think that we will be remembered even when we are no longer here.

Jesus Himself asked us to ‘remember Him’ and actually left us a ‘way ‘ in which to do that through a certain ceremony or action.

remember 1

Yet for me it goes way beyond a remembering through a certain action or ceremony – I ‘remember Him’ everyday – think of Him – thank Him – seek to bless Him – for He’s a friend both from the past – in the present – and is my future – I ‘remember Him’

So – once again – thank you for ‘remembering me’ – and can I encourage you – to ‘remember Him’ too.


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  1. Many Happy Returns Lois 🙂


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