The Gift of Sight


I visited the opticians yesterday for my yearly eye check. I confess that I was slightly apprehensive as I knew my sight had deteriorated over the last few months – and you know how it is when you sense something is not ‘quite as it should be’ – we always go to the worse scenario ( or I do anyway!)


I have always considered sight as one of the most precious gifts of life. I recall visiting my grandfather when I was a very young child. He was completely blind and we would always find him sitting in his chair in their kitchen – listening to the radio and rolling his cigarettes or twiddling his thumbs – (even now if I see someone twiddling their thumbs I’m reminded of him). I guess at that age the loss of sight was a concept that I could hardly grasp, but I do remember feeling sad.

Many years later though I watched a very dear man (who had been like a second father to me) gradually lose his sight. He’d always loved going out and about in the countryside – much as I do today. Gradually he became almost ‘home bound’ – with other health issues as well as the loss of most of his sight. What remains with me though is the memory of his cheerful and positive attitude – living as he did – on the memories he had created and stored away over the years.

My thoughts then turn to my mum – as she too gradually lost almost all of her sight. Hers too was an example of someone who rose to the challenge and used the remaining senses she had left to get the most out of life.

Eye problems seem to run in our family – my sister struggling with sight only in one eye – so – you can maybe understand my apprehension yesterday!


c1c1ac918a94e660294553a18ab17520-positive-art-quotes-positive.jpgDwelling on the gift of sight this morning I was filled with gratitude – not just for my physical sight – but for the spiritual sight that God has given me. He’s given me eyes to see – not just the beauty of the world around me – but the beauty and wonder of Himself. My spiritual eyes are open and I recognise that as a most precious gift.

I love this quote by G W Tozer –


We read in scripture where Jesus heals a blind man.

When questioned about what Jesus had done – his reply was simply – ‘one thing I know – I was blind – now I see!

How different his life must have become

He was changed!

How much more we are changed when our spiritual eyes are opened.


Most of you will be familiar with the hymn – ‘Amazing Grace’ written by John Newton. In later life he came to realise how ‘blind’ he had been – but God opened his eyes and allowed him to see. He realised after many years that he had done so much he now ‘saw’ had been so wrong. That’s one thing that happens when our spiritual eyes are opened – we see things differently – we see what God sees.

I need my spiritual eyes opened – because as they are opened to God – my life is changed.

I love this song


All it takes is for me to cry out to Him – ask Him to open my eyes – for Him to touch me –

Darkness surrounded me – yet – one call was all it took – then – His gentle touch

The darkness fell away – light flooded my very soul – I saw His face

Everything looked new – my life was changed forever – I walk in His light 

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  1. Such moving memories Lois, I would hate the thought of losing my sight for many reasons.

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