Fly High


depositphotos_24804239-stock-photo-different-species-of-birds-flying.jpgI love to sit and watch the birds flying in the open sky. So many different species – so many different flight patterns – yet one thing they have in common is that they soar above the earth – they soar into the heavens – ride the thermals!

I know I can learn from just watching these birds. I too can soar – in my spirit – as I seek to draw near to God – allowing Him to change me and renew my mind – drawing from His grace and the power of His love –

Lord I come to You
Let my heart be changed, renewed,
Flowing from the grace
That I’ve found in You.
Lord I’ve came to know
The weaknesses I see in me
Will be swept away
By the power of Your love.

Hold me close
Let Your love surround me
Bring me near
Draw me to Your side.
And as I wait
I’ll rise up like an eagle
 And I will soar with You
Your Spirit leads me on
By the power of Your love.

Lord unveil my eyes
Let me see You face to face
The knowledge of Your love
As You live in me.
Lord renew my mind
As Your will unfolds in my life
Living every day
By the power of Your love.

I read an interesting fact about the eagle.


I just love the thought of flying above the storm – soaring into the blue clear skies!      How often we take shelter from the storms of life instead of soaring heavenwards in our spirits and allowing God strengthen us and enable us to fly above the storm.

Thinking of those blue skies reminds me of the first flight I took in an aeroplane – how I could hardly believe the total blueness of the sky! As I looked out of the window I realised that the sky is always blue – it’s just that from an earthly point of view there are often clouds that hide it. I need to remember that beyond those clouds that may come in my life – the sky is blue!


As I wait on God – allow my spirit to soar – I find myself renewed – strengthened – lifted above my circumstances into the glorious brightness of His presence.

I love this verse from scripture! There are times in all our lives when we feel weary – here we are promised that if we wait on Him the weariness will disappear! There are times when we feel faint – here we are promised that we will walk and not faint! Best of all – I love the promise that not only can I find strength when I wait on Him – but I can fly high – like the eagle!!


Look up – see beyond the clouds – and ride on the thermals – soar the heavens!

Meet with God – draw strength from Him – spread your wings!




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  1. God expects us to soar higher like the eagle. He promises we shall run and not be weary and walk and not faint.
    I love this post. It spoke to me. Thank you Ma’am for sharing


    1. loisastwood says:

      Thank you for your comments. So glad something I wrote spoke to you. Have a good day and soar high!


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