Open Hearts


Each winter morning as I open up my patio doors I get a real sense of opening them up to God. It’s become a special time – a special place – when I deliberately give time and space to be with God.

As I opened them today it struck me that as I performed the deliberate act of opening those doors I also have to make a deliberate act to open up my heart and soul to Him


As I sit at the open door – allow the quiet to descend on me – I begin to ‘see’ ‘hear’ and ‘feel’ Him close to me.

For me it’s the combination of those two things that are so special and so important to me – the open door – and – an open heart.

We used to sing a song years ago –

Open our eyes Lord We want to see Jesus,

To reach out and touch Him And say that we love Him.

Open our ears Lord And help us to listen,

Open our eyes Lord We want to see Jesus

When I read – or sing – those words I know that God wants me to ‘see’ Him and ‘hear ‘Him even more than I want to see and hear Him! So often I can forget that He longs to be with me – to speak to me.


I need to make that conscious effort – that deliberate act – to believe Him when He says He wants to be with me – wants to walk with me each day.

Sometimes when I’m out – and say – go into a cafĂ© or restaurant – I can’t help but notice that often there can be two people sitting together and yet not acknowledging one another – not speaking or interacting.


How often do I treat God in such a way. Fail to acknowledge Him – even though He has promised to walk with me – to never leave me. I wonder how that might make Him feel. I need to engage with Him – recognising His presence with me.

How can I not be thankful and grateful that He wants to spend time with me.


How awesome it is – simplicity and wonder – opening my heart

To see – hear and feel – His presence beside me – true meaning of life

Wondrous and joyous – imparting purpose and hope – to my thankful heart

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