A New Dawn – A New Day


The days have been long and grey – coupled with sickness – loss of appetite and energy – yet each day has dawned – held promise – held hope. All I could do some days was to reflect – remember – imagine the sun on my face and the wind in my hair – look forward to the time when I could experience these things again.

The greyness lifted – the sun shone through and if only briefly at times it was enough to remind me that it continues to shine even when I cannot see it!

Such glimpses of nature serve to remind me that – much like the sun – God is always there even when the clouds of life obscure Him from my view.

I only need to sit and wait – watch – hope and pray and I WILL see the silver edging the grey – the darkness WILL be dispelled – the dawn will break and a new day begin.


What awesome wonder – when the darkness is dispelled – by wondrous sun rays

Silver edging grey – Glimpses from beyond the clouds – of constant glory


I never know what the next day might bring – but I remember words that I seem to have known forever – ” I know not what the future holds – BUT – I know Who holds the future”


I don’t fear the grey days but seek to look beyond sure in the knowledge that the sun will shine through again. I can feel the warmth of His presence –  sense the wind of His spirit blowing on my life – for He never leaves me.

God is faithful – He is there for you each day – no matter what. Each day is like beginning again. Circumstances may change – but His love is constant – always there – always new – every day.





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  1. Indeed Ma’am, a new day comes with new dawn. I believe that so much.


    1. loisastwood says:

      Thank you. Enjoy your new day today


      1. I am basking in the goodness of the new day. You’re most welcome Ma’am


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