Winter Silhouette


One of the things I love looking at during these winter months are the wonderful silhouettes of the trees scattered all over our lovely countryside. Nothing is hidden – every branch and twig starkly visible.

Stark with barren beauty – stripped bare by winter winds – deceptively dead

Branches spreading  – misshapen beauty – nothing hidden

Foreboding darkness -awaiting Springs arrival – life’s cycle repeats



As I gaze at these wonderful spectacles I wonder what silhouette I present to the world in the winter years of my life.

The winter of my life does not mean that life is ending – I’m just in a different season. I may no longer bear the fresh green shoots of my Spring – show off the flourishing blossoms and fruits of my Summer – have left behind the awesome colours of my Autumn – yet I bear the image – the scars – the shape of a life long lived.

The silhouette I present to the world marks out my character – the person that I have become.

I embrace the winter of my life – stand tall – not afraid or ashamed – but proud of the starkness of my branches – the scars of the years.tree-1511603_960_720

My silhouette stands alone – unique – allowing all to see both the harshness and beauty of my winter – declaring to all that winter is not the end – but rather part of the cycle – another season in a life that goes on forever.

My silhouette still reaches high – always aiming for the light and life from above – the source of growth throughout my years. I’ll never stop reaching higher – looking above – aiming for the sky where there is no limit – where God my strength – joy and glory calls me ever onwards.

He’s seen me through the hopes and dreams of my spring – led me in my summer dance – brightened my autumn days and now walks with me through the cold winds of winter – creating more beauty than I could imagine.





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