The Best Seat in the House



Often as I sit waiting for the dawn I get the sense of being in a theatre- the curtain about to rise – filling me with anticipation at what the opening scene may look like.feature

Each  day is as if a new scene begins. The scenes vary – the settings differ – and even the characters that appear never cease to entrance – delight and surprise – keeping me on the edge of my seat.


There are days when the curtain lifts slowly – it would seem. Characters appearing as if out of nowhere. I need to focus – sometimes searching out details of the scene before me. There’s a mystery to these scenes – often only allowing me glimpses of things to come – when the curtain rises for the next scene – so – I’m left wondering – anticipating – waiting to be surprised yet again.


I love those days when I’m instantly captivated – transported by the colour and life displayed before me – all my senses responding – seeking to take in all the details – the splendour of the occasion. My spirits lift as the scene unfolds – I’m drawn in – at one with the characters – the atmosphere created here.


Sometimes the scene evolves slowly – leaving me guessing as to what is about to happen. It seems as though I can hardly breath – as more and more detail is revealed – focusing my eyes first in one direction and then another.


I never tire of coming here – feel so privileged to get to sit in the ‘best seat in the house’ – watch each day as God surprises me – delights me – inspires me – speaks to me through the scenes He sets before me – His character displayed – the greatness and variety of Himself – in the wonder of nature.











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