The day before me

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Don’t you just love it when you wake up to a day that stretches before you with no plans in place. A day when you can chose just how you will spend it.

So many days in our lives are full of appointments – routines – things we must do – places we must go.

I do love that feeling of freedom and want to – indeed need to – guard it carefully. I’ve discovered that what I do on days like this can really affect how I feel at the end of it. Sometimes my choices leave me feeling contented – relaxed – re-energised – fulfilled, while I have to say occasionally I can end such a day feeling frustrated and disappointed – almost as though I have wasted that precious time.

I consider myself fortunate that my life is filled with busy days – full days – and also with spacious days – just waiting to see how I will fill them.


As I sit and look out on my day I find it important to concentrate on my inner self. By that I mean that I need to listen to my inner spirit – listen to those nudges and urgings within me.

I’m an organised type of person and do like to have a plan – in fact I know that helps me to achieve what is in my heart – but – also if I’m not careful I can allow my organised mind to go off at tangents and plan other things into my day, things that maybe should and certainly could be left for one of my busier days – when I can fit in a number of things ‘to do’ at the same time.

It takes determination and real effort at times to just simply allow myself to follow my heart for a day – to allow myself to take the day as it comes – instead of planning such a day as this. It’s as though I have to turn off my organisation mode – to give myself chance to go at an easy pace – flow with the day – take opportunities without trying to plan them – wait – see what happens.

At the same time I want this day to be meaningful – to have purpose. It’s too precious to fritter away – it’s another day that I have been granted and I want to use it to better myself and others in my world. Beginning my day in the quiet with God helps me to focus – to listen – to sense those inner promptings and place my day into His hands.


A whole day stretching out – waiting to be filled – How – the choice is mine – yet I want it to count – To not just be for my enjoyment – But to achieve something of value – Guide me Lord I pray – show me Your purpose – Your plan – For that is where I find true rest and fulfilment

That’s what I wish for my day today. This glorious empty day. I feel so grateful – so thankful- and am loving it already.



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