My own ‘morning song’


What a start to the day when out of the emerging daylight I hear the bird songs – as if sung especially for me. Gratitude rises from within and a thankfulness emerges from my spirit. I find myself applying the words of a song by Abba to express my thankfulness –

” Thank you for the music – the songs I’m singing (hearing)- Thanks for all the joy they’re bringing – Who can live without it – I ask in all honesty – What would life be – Without a song or a dance what are we – So I say – Thank you for the music (the songs) – for giving it to me”

Daily I thank God for the ‘music’ I hear in nature when I tune my heart to listen – they touch my heart and soul.

My thoughts turned to the ‘music’ that I make each day. What ‘song’ or ‘tune’ do others hear – what ‘music’ does my life play out – how do I make others feel. Is my ‘music’ uplifting – my ‘song’ joyful?


There are times in life when it’s difficult to ‘sing a song’ – as it was for the Jewish exiles to sing about their God in a strange and alien setting – yet they realised that it’s often in the hardest times that a ‘song’ is so important – showing to others the ability that God gives us to rise above our circumstances – and ‘sing’.

Am I singing my song in spite of what has past – what is happening in the present – or what might happen in the future.

What do people ‘hear’ from me – what ‘noise’ do I make with my life. Does the ‘music’ I play – the ‘song’ I sing bring to others freedom and hope.


My prayer is that I may sing my song each day – a song to bless God – but also a song that will bless others – causing them to say – ‘Thank you for the music – for giving it to me’




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