“Keeping Focus”

There are times when ‘life’ seems to get in the way – problems surface – worry takes over,  your mind is too active and causes sleepless nights.

When this happens I am somehow always reminded of a verse from scripture – ” I will lift up my eyes to the hills from whence cometh my help, my help comes from the Lord”


I absolutely love being able to literally do that – sit and look to the hills – however it’s so often not possible – so I have to find a place to ‘focus’ that works for me.

For a number of years we lived quite close to the sea and so I was able to go there frequently. Gazing across the ocean puts things into perspective, makes me aware of the vastness of the universe and the greatness of God. In some respects that can make me feel quite small and yet in another way I feel so near to Him and my focus changes from seeing my own problems and worries to seeing the greater picture of a life I have placed into His hands.


We left the coast and moved to live in a town. How I missed the sea. I quickly recognised that I needed to find a way to be able to lift my focus – to connect with God. I found a small park nearby where there were trees and grass – a bonus being, that the short walk there was also along a tree lined road. Sometimes I really had to focus on the trees and not on the traffic! – but just looking at the different greens and shapes lifted my soul.


Moving house yet again one of my first concerns was that we were going to be away from the hills and away from the sea – in an area that was flat agricultural land.

What I did find was that with the ‘flatness’ came a vastness of both land and sky! The heavens seemed endless – and ever changing.


Looking to the heavens focuses me – makes everything else fade into the background – draws me closer to God

It’s so important to carve out that space – find a way – a place to focus and shut out everything else. Problems and worries don’t just disappear – but do get put into perspective. Drawing near to God calms your soul and spirit.

I will lift my eyes – Turn my focus high above – To Him who helps me

I will find a space – See creation all around – Allow peace to reign

My spirit will sing – My very being respond – I will be restored



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