A Holy Calling


Sitting in the quiet of the morning I was so aware of the awesomeness of sensing God’s presence. Listening to the silence and lifting my eyes to the heavens caused a response from deep within.

The words from a song came to mind – ‘I’m captured by your holy calling’. These words are from the song ‘The Potters Hands’ by Darlene Zschech.

Beautiful Lord – wonderful Saviour

I know for sure all of my days are held in your hands

Crafted into your perfect plan

I’m captured by your holy calling – set me apart

I know You’re drawing me – to Yourself

Lead me Lord I pray


ruke-u-nebo-za-digitalnoWhat a privileged to know such a calling. We read in scripture ( 2 Tim 1:9 ) that ‘He has called us with a holy calling’.

This ‘calling’ is for all of us. I have been aware of this call for almost all my life and realise how blessed I have been as I have sought to walk with His leading. He has led me so gently, opened up opportunities for me and walked every step of the way with me.

A ‘Holy Calling’ – not earned but freely given – a gift so awesome

I’m captivated – my heart and soul responding – to so great a call

How awesome a thought – my days guided from above – a ‘holy calling’

I pray for you today that you will sense that ‘holy calling’ on your life and  – in the words of the song – ‘know all of your days are held in His hands’



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