Blogging has enabled me to ‘dare’ to let others see my writing. Very rarely over the years have I shared my written thoughts with anyone.

The ‘blogging’ I have done has kick-started something for me – but I realise that I have held back in my writing. I’ve simply written random thoughts at the beginning of my day. Don’t get me wrong I have loved doing it – but something struck me today- I’m writing without having any real ‘intent’ or ‘purpose’.


So – maybe I need to ask myself – ‘Why am I writing this Blog?’ – What is my intent – my purpose – other than writing for myself – What do I want to achieve with it.

I want my writing to have purpose – to mean something. My desire is that somehow my words might encourage and bless others – have meaning for them too.

In order to do this I sense that I need to take more time – maybe ‘blogging’ less often and giving more thought to what I really want to say – how I can encourage and inspire.

I realise that might mean sharing more of myself too – opening up my own life – letting others see who I am – a woman with a strong faith who wants to make even a small difference in this world.

I hope you will continue to read my blog. My desire is that in some way  – maybe I can be a blessing to you through something that I write.

I didn’t set out to make this a ‘blog entry’ – but if I want to be truthful about my intent and begin to share in a different way ‘who I am’ with others – then – I have to start somewhere.


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