girl-1794350_960_720As I sit here waiting for the dawn to break I find myself musing on the different times in our lives when we ‘wait’ and how that ‘waiting’ takes on many forms.

Each day for me begins with a deliberate and purposeful waiting. I have to be early – to sit quietly and simply wait if I want to participate in the joys each dawn can bring.

I think of wildlife photographers. I love to watch their films – delight at entering into the fascinating lives of so many animals on our planet. Yet – that snippet of film has so often taken days or even months to film. The photographer is prepared to wait in order to capture that image – that scene. Many times they must be disappointed – tired – frustrated – yet they continue to wait.

We all experience those times in our lives – we wait – with purpose – for something to happen but sadly in this age of technology we get impatient too quickly – feel frustrated at having to wait – and give up.  There’s a saying that goes “If something’s worth having – it’s worth waiting for” – that can be true in so many situations in our lives and the rewards of those ‘purposeful’ waiting times can be so great.


At other times we can be ‘waiting’ with excitement and expectancy. We wait for someone to visit – to attend a wedding – for the birth of a child or grandchild. These times of waiting fill us with impatience at times but that’s only because we can hardly wait for the event to happen.

One memory I have was of an occasion when we were to return to the UK after spending 11 months on a volunteer mission in Africa. It had been so hard for me to leave family for so long  but here we were – getting ready to return. That time of waiting was full of both expectancy at the awaited reunion and an impatience for it to happen. We were so excited!

fun-airportOf course most of us will also experience times of anxious waiting in our lives. Those times when we wait for test results from the hospital – exam results – news of a new job or a house purchase.

This kind of waiting is perhaps the hardest for us all – causing so many emotions to rise within us. I remember when my daughter in law was first diagnosed with cancer – the waiting – the anxiety each time there was an appointment. Would the news be good – or bad. How long the months seemed – waiting anxiously.

untitledIf you’re reading this you could quite well be experiencing some aspect of ‘waiting’.

If you’re purposefully waiting – be patient – stick with it – and you will be rewarded in the end.

To those of you who are waiting expectantly may you enjoy those longed for events you have waited for.

But – maybe you’re going through an anxious time of waiting. For you I pray that you will know a strength and peace in the midst of your anxiety. I pray that even through this time of struggle you will be strengthened in your spirit and know that Someone is by your side.


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