The darkest night is just before the dawn



It’s really dark today as I make my way downstairs. I open the French windows and can hardly make out any shapes at all but am loath to switch on a light. There’s something about this dark morning that has me thinking – thinking about the dark times in our lives – and how we long for the dawn.

I know the dawn is about to break – so I sit and wait – eagerly – expectantly. Yet – that’s not how it usually is when we are in that dark place in our lives. We don’t know when the dawn will break for us – when the darkness will begin to fade and a new day dawn.

I recall a line from the lyrics of a song – “The darkest night is just before the dawn”. How true that can be for us in our lives. I know that I have experienced those times, when the darkness has seemed so dense and the night so long – but – dawn has always broken – that darkness has lifted and I’ve been able to begin a new day.

I want to encourage you today. If you are experiencing a ‘dark time’ in your life – hold on – hang in there – and dawn will break through.

I do feel so privileged in that I have never had to go through those dark times alone as I’ve waited for the dawn to break. There’s always been One who has waited with me. The God I believe in has never left my side – He walks with me – holds my hand and comforts me. I have learnt to wait patiently for Him and He never lets me down.

I pray that for you too – that you will call on Him in your dark times – He has promised that if we call He will answer – and that you will see that dawn breaking through.

The darkness is waning as I write – a new dawn breaks bringing with it a freshness – a hope – a new beginning – I embrace all this day will bring.

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  1. Paul says:

    Loving these musings of your Lois. Love you too💜


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