A Wet and Misty Morning


A wet and misty morning – not usually the sort to fill your heart with joy – yet I sit here and find it eerie – mysterious and quite captivating. Almost the only sound to be heard is that of the rain as it falls from grey laden skies.

This quiet – this feeling of being all alone in my little world – grass and trees spreading out in front of me to the distant horizon – cows quietly grazing a few hundred yards away, splashes of white from their faces standing out in the mist – is all magical to me.

My delight complete as I catch sight of the owls, flashing white as they take one last look around before disappearing into their comfy box – quiet now the night is over – sleeping until dusk descends again.

My heart leaps and my spirit soars- how I love this place – this time. How privileged I feel to be able to enjoy moments like this.

Before we came to live here in the countryside I would have said that I so much preferred being on the coast – near to the sea.


I’m not sure how much that has changed – my love for the sea is still strong. I so delight to walk at it’s edges – to hear the rhythm of the waves – to take in it’s vastness. No – my love for the sea has not diminished – but – I have come to appreciate this beautiful countryside.

There are no mountains such as those I so love in Scotland – another favourite place of mine. This countryside is almost flat – interspersed by trees, hedgerows and the occasional hill.


But for me the beauty is there. Maybe it’s the vastness. My eyes can travel for miles exploring the landscape. Here where I sit there is hardly any sign of human habitation. Nature is present – nature calls to me- the simplicity – the peace – the very sounds of nature that can be heard in the silence. Skies that seem to go on forever – always changing  creating so many different moods.

Vast skies – swirling clouds

Picture painting- morn ’till night

Changing moods with ease

Blacks – greys – whites – pink hues

Creating vast canvasses

Natures art displayed




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