‘A Journey Of Discovery’

I came across some words the other day -words that have stayed with me – planting a germ of an idea – something to contemplate – as this new year begins – those words were uttered- almost I guess – as a prayer – “Open my eyes – to fresh ideas and connections – that I may discover hidden things”

There are always new things to discover in life -as this quote says – “Life is a never ending journey” – and even as I get older – I seem to become more aware – that there is always the opportunity for me to move forward – to find a freshness – to uncover things that have maybe been hidden for many years.

So many things – opportunities – connections – ideas – will remain hidden – unless I make the effort to look for them – I can hope – pray even – for my eyes to be open to see them – but in the end – I have to make the effort – I have to go on a further journey of discovery.

I love this quote I came across – “The real voyage of discovery – consists not in the seeking of new landscapes – but in having new eyes”

So – I begin this year – with those words as my prayer – that my eyes will be opened – to see those new ideas – to recognise where I may make new connections even – to maybe even see those things that have always been there – and yet I have failed to see them – they have remained hidden.

I normally find it difficult – making new connections – often not even being sure where to start – allowing my insecurities to hold me back – and – when I think about it – depriving myself – of the discovery of new things – those new opportunities – sharing new ideas – growing with others too.

That thought can be both exciting and almost scary at the same time – to embark on a new journey of discovery – yet – the opportunity to encounter fresh and new connections – dream up new ideas – spur me on – as this new year unfolds.

Blessings Lois

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  1. I hope it’s an exciting journey Lois!


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