‘He makes Himself Known’

The combination of having to stay home along with the beautiful weather we are having has given me the opportunity to walk around the fields almost every morning.

walks 1I’m an early riser – so for me my favourite time of the day is first thing in a morning – the peace and the quiet – the freshness of the air – all add up to the uplifting of my soul.

I am conscious that I do not walk alone – there is One Who is always with me – Who walks beside me – but today it came to me afresh that there are times when I am full of my questions – struggling with what has happened in my life – times when I talk it all over with the One Who walks alongside me – and as I do so – He causes me to pause – to ‘abide with Him a while’ – and then – as He did with the disciples long ago on that road to Emmaus – He reveals Himself – makes Himself known in fresh ways – and I find my heart warmed and my spirit stirred.walks 4

I walk many paths along life’s journey – and from time to time need reminding just Who it is that walks with me – I need to pause – take time to hear what He has to say.

On that road to Emmaus He took the time to listen – to allow those disciples to talk through their disappointment – their feeling of lost hope – He allowed them to question the things that they didn’t understand.

walks 2

How thankful I am that He does the same with me – He allows me those times – as He patiently walks beside me – and when I am ready – when I pause and invite Him to sit with me – that’s when He reveals Himself and shows Himself to be the One Who has control over all things – Who understands me completely – loves me so dearly and wants to spend time with me.

I am so blessed that the Risen Christ walks with me today and every day – that He takes the time to pause with me – and makes Himself known to me afresh.

May He reveal Himself to you in new ways as you walk life’s journey today.

Blessings Lois

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  1. Laurie says:

    You paint a beautiful picture, Lois – you alone with your thoughts each morning as the sun comes up. But you are not alone at all – God walks with you each step!


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